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New Owner from CT (USA)...Hello to All


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Found the site through a Google search.. nice to see a gathering place for us...wife bought me an Rt for Xmas..had a kindle fire rooted with Burrito for a year or so..loving the surface...sleek, fast, very nice display...trying to fit it in among the iPhone, laptop, desktop, planning to pass the fire on to my 17 yr. Old..the Kindle app for the surface is great, and the bigger screen is awesome...also loving Netflix on the surface.


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Seeing you are from Connecticut... I been and lived in Groton in/from 79, 81-83, 89, 96-99. Beautiful historic state!


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I've spent most ofmy life in Connecticut. I have never lived down by the shore. Connecticut is great and there is a ton of history in New England. Always wanted to live out in the north west, but hasn't happened yet.