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new surfacebook firmware 1/27/16

Ed Tittel

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I just had something very interesting show up a few minutes ago. I now have an item labeled System Hardware Update 1/19/2016 installed just now, in addition to the System Firmware Update installed on 1/22. Anybody seen this? Know what it is? Odd...


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I was hoping this update would provide improvement for the many issues I am having with dual monitors. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. In fact, my main Dell P2415Q monitor would turn off about every 30 seconds or so and then back on, just terrible. I noticed that Burnout Paradise does not start any longer via Steam and I had one BSOD today. I have no had those in a while.


I updated the firmware yesterday, and after using barely 3 hours in battery saver mode first at 50 percent of brightness then reduced to 35 percent, I came down to 53 percent to battery life just by using the Sketchable App. Before I used to get a better battery life. I even had once my computer crash when I reattached, which never happened before. I hope that the new firmware update didn't mess something in my system..


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Battery bar helps. install it and have it display the current being used so you can notice if something starts pushing the processor.


I will try that, but today had my computer freeze two times and one blue screen while detached or reattached without any software running, till this firmware update it never happened, anyone else experiencing such things after firmware update?
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