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I plan on getting a docking station at some point and I to will probably leave in the dock for long periods of time. I think this is something MS should clarify as to whether. It's a good or bad idea, after all they are making the docking stations.
Microsoft has clarified battery care at the support site:


In nutshell.... at least once a month run the battery down below 10%....


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.... at least once a month run the battery down below 10% ....

Thanks, Jeff; that's good info. I suspect that for many, if not most, of us, that will happen in the normal course of usage. It does for me. I have a monthly all-day business meeting, and, although I take my battery along, I usually try to make it through the day without using it. Could be that's why I'm not seeing any ill effects from the fact that it lives in the docking station when home.

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