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No Google Maps App


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Their problem may be to many transitions. ;)

They should, because Bing Maps is soooo....

The reason I am in favor of Nokia Maps, is that they always have an off-line map. Everytime I buy a phone, I look for one that uses Nokia as underlying map technology. My HTC One V came with Google Maps, that I don't care about when travelling, I use Route 66 instead. Route 66 is pre-loaded on HTC One V and is called "Locations." When I was in Thailand, I guided the cab driver where to go using Route 66. Just imagine the roaming data costs doing online navigation for 80km+ of travel! Off-line maps are my saviour, and Nokia Maps (NavTeq, Route 66) rocks!

My HTC Windows Phone 8S already use Nokia Maps technology, I've downloaded the Philippine map, and can use it offline, complete with Directions.

I have yet to be in a situation where I would use a computer of any form, to do drive, walk navigations. It's always my phone that is my companion for mapping. Having said that, I will never whine about Maps on the Surface RT. Right now, I have G Maps (uses Google Maps), and Here.com (Nokia), both of which are online.
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I love the new Surface RT but would wait for the Pro BUT if Google Maps is not present I'm not sure what I will do.
I need Google Maps with Street View.

Am I missing something? Google maps seems to work fine in the browser with street view as well. OK its not a dedicated "app" but I'm not sure why you are saying you can't do these things on a surface.