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no luck getting Power Cover even to be recognized


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Well,shame on me for ASS-U-MING that the Power Cover would work with SP4 like it did with SP3.

I cannot even get it to be recognized as a keyboard, let alone charge and charge the tablet.

Please tell me that someone's mileage varies...?


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Sean Ong says the same in his latest video where he tests the SP4 battery life. The SP4 has the connectors to support a power cover but for some reason it doesn't work! Maybe MS plan to release a new power cover?


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I actually checked on the MS support site on this. The response was that SP2/SP1 covers don't work on SP4.


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My crazy fantasy is one day MS would bring a base keyboard (simillar to SB) out with dGPU, extra battery, more ports, etc, as an optional upgrade for the SP lines. Even cooler, if the base could be upgraded with additional ram, storage newer dGPU.

Then you could upgrade SP line over time (2 or 3 versions) and reuse the base along the way. Converge SP and SB and make the virtual bezel rumor, prior to launch, become a reality. Gotta be in future pipeline.
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