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Noisy fan since 9/9/14 update


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I've had my SP3 for a couple of weeks now and I'm really happy with it. I haven't had any problems until I installed the latest updates yesterday. Now I'm finding the fan is running all the time, sometimes flat out. There's nothing showing in the task manager that's putting a load on the CPU or memory. The fan has been loud all day constantly and it's a bit annoying. Has anyone else found this since the update?


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I really think everyone experiences this issue as the SP3 is doing windows maintenance/scanning. Just let it finish OR when you decide to use it, the SP3 will pause it until you finish. The update is just a coincidence IMO.


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Uninstalling Office365, OneDrive for Business and the Outlook CRM2011 plug in has fixed it. I'll reinstall them one by one in the morning and see if the noise returns.
Only time my fan has come on was the initial batch of updates and last weekend when I was on my Fantasy Football Site which runs flash, a few minutes after I left the site it calmed down. I didn't know about the flash issue, kind of a bummer but it makes sense as it's constantly running and updating the entire page.

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