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Now Running 8.1 RTM on Production Laptop at Work


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I am now running 8.1 RTM on my laptop at work. Our MS architect shared some keys with us and I have to say that I really, really like it. Its done some odd things lately with screen pausing and stuff, but I am not sure that our old version HEAT isn't to blame for that so....

I just want everyone to know, that as an objective and sometimes out-spoken critic of Microsoft, this release has me thinking they just might be headed in the right direction after all... Time will tell.

I am remoted (why isn't this a word already?!) into my work machine now exploring. This makes me want to build a windows 8 game box. Windows 7 is starting to feel old and tired and I find myself being more frustrated with 7 than ever before. I smell a trip to the local tiger direct this morning, if they have my Asus board in stock, I just might start building.
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Ive not got as far as installing 8.1 RTM on my desktop machines yet... but after using it on my RT for awhile Im missing it. Just under a month to go but I don't know if I can wait that long. :yelling:


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Just put Windows 8 on the old one. I put it on an old Dell laptop I had laying around and its actually usable now - nice little performance bump.