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OFFICIAL I Now Have a Surface Pro 3 i7


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i7/512 with no serious overheating issues. Fan comes on a bit more often then the i5 but overall with all the latest updates I've had no issues.


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After dreaming about it for months I became a proud SP3 - i7 - 512Gb - 8G owner last Thursday.
I must say I'm supprised about the quality and functionality of the keyboard and pen.

I managed to get a really good deal for it as I was originally looking for the i5 256G.
It's too soon to make conclusions but battery and heat(read fan noise) seem to be the biggest issues I will be dealing with.


Just joined the surface pro 3 club, i5, 128gb, with 128gb micro sd. over the moon at what a brilliant piece of kit this is. Thanks for all the info on this forum. Will make life a lot easier.


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Had my SP3 i7 256gb model delivered Thursday after having originally used a SurfaceRT (bought in america, which my mother now uses) & a Surface Pro 128gb (which a friend has just bought off me).

I love the Surface's, great devices.


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Purchased mine (i7 512) in HK. Fan does get pretty hot and loud. Why? Chrome was opened and was killing the cpu. I guess I will be using Explorer on this computer. Although I still do notice that it is warmer than I would like.


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I have an i5 256gb Surface Pro 3, and I love it. One issue that does bother me is the fan noise (sounds like a low hissing sound) and the right side getting warm. Is this something I should worry about? Also, what other known issues are there with this version of SP3? Should I exchange it for an i7 model?
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Greetings All,
I just had my Core i7/256 model delivered yesterday (well sort of delivered, horrible USPS experience) and I have spent the entire day today tweaking and setting this bad-boy up. This is my first Surface and so far I love it. Also the community that has been established here is great. I have already found a wealth of information on this forum, and would like to go ahead and say thanks to pretty much everyone here. Almost every time I asked the almighty Oracle (i.e. Google) a question, it lead me right here.
I can't wait until my replacement Arc Touch mouse gets here next week, then the package will be complete. My next goal is learning how to use OneNote effectively and incorporate it into my daily work. Hopefully I will soon be able to contribute and give back to this community that has already helped so much.



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Doing a development bootcamp in SF and picked up the SP3 to do all the coursework that has to be done before I go onsite. Spent hours in a Microsoft Store in San Jose and they put together a really nice package for me. Grabbed the i7/256 gig, Black type cover, 128 gig SD card, the dock and three year replacement warranty. First night, plugged the dock into my 27" monitor and external keyboard/mouse, and ran Sublime for coding and Book Bazarre for my text book on the external display and One Note on the Surface display taking notes and grabbing snippets from the book and dropping them strait into my OneNote file. Its basically the holy grail of coding and note taking. Im obsessed with it.


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Got the SP3 i7 512gig in house last wednesday 1st of April.

Noticed that the fan can get noisy, and the right side gets hot, but have yet to experience real issues (after all, got it only for 7 days now).

Seems to kick in fast on Youtube and other online video sites in contrary to watching an .mkv file.


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Got mine! I saw the UPS guy drive by and hopped in my car to hunt him down in my neighbourhood. The right side on the back gets HOT!

Updating and installing all my programs now (chrome, autocad, etc.)
How are you installing AutoCad? It usually comes on a DVD.
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