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OFFICIAL I Now Have a Surface Pro 3 i7


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Probably external USB optical drive?? No other way really unless he copied the DVD's to a thumb drive.

AND, welcome to the forum!

I've had my I5 for two days now and it's completely setup to fit with my Dell Precision 690 desktop. It was the easiest setup and coordination that I've ever done with the desktop. Any programs on CD/DVD were installed by "sharing" the DVD player on the desktop.

The Pro 3 is very fast and smooth and will run very large Sketchup 3D models with no problems as long as I turn off the shadows, which is common anyway. I can even use my fingers to navigate in a model.

I bought a bluetooth mouse, a case and a screen protector which I have not yet installed. My suggestion to all of you with a new Surface Pro is to install a program called Prey. If stolen or lost, Prey will tell you where it's located and lock it up.

I'm just hoping that it will last a long time.


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I've had my SP3 i7 256GB for 4 days now. All i have completed with it is spend an inordinate amount of time trying ways of making the WiFi remain connected longer than 10 mins. I have also bought a case and the keyboard cover but a BT mouse would be good. The Pen is fine (in fact it's incredible) but not something i am used to interacting with on the familiar Windows environment UI.

One unusual thing too is that with the SP3 setup with the keyboard attached and comes time to finish, you have to remember it is not a laptop with that light weight screen you fold down.... nope, on the Sp3 the screen is the business so only once do you almost slame it down onto the poor keyboard ;-)...

My reason to buy a Surface is the pen interface that really works and to force me to become experienced using Win 8 and then i expect Win 10 but until i can make my machine stay connected to the Internet using its own WiFi then we have a real huge problem.

I've tried the latest new drivers for the Marvel WiFi device and have done all the Microsoft updates. Still borked...

I've a blow by blow description of my problems going on under the SP3 WiFi issues here (http://www.surfaceforums.net/threads/post-your-sp3-wifi-internet-issues-here.10321/page-14)...

After 4 days of solid experiments and research i'm sensing the gloss falling off the excitement of owning this machine. If Apple (and yes i use and know all their kit well) ever delivered a product to market that had such terrible performance issues on WiFi then the World would crucify them, baying for their blood!!!. For some strange reason nothing has happened to Microsoft over this issue which appears endemic across all Surface models and should anyone do a Google on WiFi problems with a Surface then the hits returned is a frightening number so it says it's not just me with a machine that is exhibiting what to all intense purposes is a fault....

As an electronics engineer i will continue with my own research and see if i can resolve the WiFi problem. I just hope there is one considering the SP3 was a high cost item.


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i7-8-256 with appropriate accessories. The least frustrating New Computer Experience I've ever had, mostly because my files are in the cloud and Chrome + Ninite handled the rest. All in all, less than an hour... WOW!

It's been a week, and this has become the most satisfying new computer I've bought. My first was a TRS80 (I'm that old), so maybe 40 purchases?

I NEED A BOOK! Surface for Dummies is already obsolete...


To those of you having fan and heat issues, I got some tips.

First, download and install all Windows updates. Go to PC Settings, check them all, install them, and if you want to, you can set your Surface Pro 3 to check for updates but not download and install them until you do it yourself. This will solve most of your fan problems because the computer's attempts to install updates in the background is slow and keep that fan spinning for a while.

Second, Google Chrome is a real CPU eater, once you do the Windows updates like I suggested above, it might reduce the fan and heat, but I think if you open lots of tabs on Chrome, they'll still heat up. I loved Google Chrome on my other computers, but still haven't found a solution for using it on the SP3 i7. I'm settling for Firefox.

And finally, if by any chance you have Realplayer Cloud installed, you'll occasionally have a process running called ffprobe.exe. I don't entirely know what it does, but it has something to do with videos. It's not a virus, but if it's running, your SP3 can heat up and make the fan spin fast. If you're getting the fan/heat problem for no apparent reason, open Task Manager, and if you see ffprobe.exe, end it.

Also, you can find the file itself in the Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\RPDS\Tools\ffmpeg\ folder. Some people chose to delete it, but I saved it in a different folder, and so far, I don't see any problem for doing that.

Hope this helps.


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Woo Hoo! Have had my i7 256gb sp3 for 2 weeks now, I love it! I have spent the last 2 years with an Asus transformer infinity and the frustration level was way too high, even rooted and running custom ROMs. My sanity seems to be returning, albeit slowly.


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i like to add a comment to what heyyou post.
I basically do all that was mention but still remain some high temp, of course the firmware update was very important but something was missing until i found this comment, i don't remember where...
The only way i stop my temp issues was stopping the index process.
I have to say i dont use this tool, so it was no difference to me. My windows keep indexing and use 25% of CPU so, i read that this was a problem, the indexing issue never stop. So i stop this guy... and fix this issue.
Now my basic temperature rate is between 36 and 48 grade centigrades. not bad for i7.
I recomend this if you don't use the index


I am still with my first I3 and wishing for the I7 I will have to wait for two(2) weeks then I will have one best of luck to all the ones that have the I7 I am inrested in the heat problem that generate so much issues .