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I'm starting to have issues with wifi now, just randomly dropping for no reason. I think I have all my firmware updates. Anything else I can do?
Yes you can take it to a Microsoft store and they will do a test on it. You should back it up first since they might have to reinstall the OS to rule out any 3rd party software installed on your surface.
My wifi issue has gotten better. Microsoft couldn't find a reason as to why it's happening, and they couldn't re-create the problem in the store.

Lee Metcalf

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I have a SP3 i7 256GB

I haven't had any problems with my Surface since I bought it. I'm on multiple WiFi's all day and it works with no problems.



I havent had many wifi issues as such but my problem is this.

I am using a Netgear DGN 2000 router which is set with a speed up to 130mbps and can also be set to "up to 270mbps". However, the wireless network speed on the surface never goes any higher than 54mbps. Is there a setting I can change to increase the speed.


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I've been living with no WIFI after waking up for a while. For me, I'm pretty sure it's a driver issue. The SP3 shipped with bad WIFI drivers, and I believe they have fixed the driver, but the SP3 seems to not always use the new version of the driver.

Here's my history:
I had the issue after purchasing mine on the US release day. I bought a new high-end router, which made no difference. Then it just went away after one of the updates and was fine for several months. Then I did a reset, and the problem came back. I called support, and after about two hours, they decided I needed a replacement unit (I was skeptical). Received the unit (a refurb), which arrived with no updates installed, and had the same problem out of the box. After installing all of the updates, it STILL had the problem. So, I sent it back.

I have tried numerous fixes found here, including manually selecting the latest WIFI driver. Finally, a few days ago, I was messing with the manual driver selection and I did this: 1. Manually selected the latest WIFI driver in device manager. 2. Repeated the process, but selected "Search automatically for updated driver". BAM! My problems have gone away again.


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I've had a different WiFi problem. I've had 2 SP3s and they both have had the identical problem. My SP3 always connects at home (which is why I don't want to bother switching it again) but at work we have a WLAN covering 5 buildings over several acres. It connects at some locations but not others. Some of it may be a problem with it coming out of sleep (I close the type cover when I go from location to location).

But here's the thing. The head of our IT put me on a list that keeps the same IP address, gave me a certificate from MS to install on my SP3, gave me a Linksys USB NIC and I uninstalled the Marvel driver and installed the Linksys driver and still had the problem. That says to me it is not the Marvel network adapter or it's driver. So what is it?

BTW, Win10 is not 100%, but noticeably better at connecting at work that Win8.1.


Fully up to date here on updates. Could have something to do with using hyper-v for some time before disabling but it says wifi is connected, I can disconnect and reconnect, etc. nothing...not until I turn the WiFi module OFF and then back ON. Then everything is fine. Could have something to do with going to sleep and waking up.

Dan Klinger

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Hi everyone,

So I thought I was up to date with Windows Update, but when I look, I can clearly see the firmware update from November failed to install. Would love to install it. But I cant figure out how I can get it to install on its own.

Thoughts on how to unwind and get it back to a place where I can install it?


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I'll add onto this - been working through numerous scenarios on my system and have a solution - it's ugly as sin, but it works.

I've not had any issues with WiFi slowdown, or lack of connectivity after I come back from sleep. What I've experienced is that whenever the system would go into connected standby mode (regardless if it's on a wired or WiFi network), the system would crash with a BSOD and reboot. This would happen multiple times overnight and could be stopped by not allowing sleep, but that's not particularly effective for how I use the tablet (I need it to be mobile). Dump file always indicated PCI bus issue and in particular WiFi driver crash.

Tried numerous things - including not believing it's WiFi and removing all USB connected items, no luck.

What worked - if I disable the driver for WiFi when I'm on a wired network - the system does not crash when it goes to sleep - been running a whole 24 hours so far without one critical reboot showing up in the event log (and also without losing data that I forgot to save prior to one of these unexpected reboots). I expect to need to enable the driver when I need WiFi, then to disable it before I put the system to sleep - it's a pain, it's ugly, but it will apparently resolve the reboot issue.

My environment - my Primary WiFi environment - Nighthawk R7000 with AC. Using either 5 or 2.4 (or wired network for that matter - being connected to a WiFi AP was not a requirement, the only requirement was that the driver was active). I do have the November firmware installed and all device drivers are up-to-date.
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I had the very same limited WiFi issue with the ASUS router. All I had to do was changing the radio channel on the router, then the issue went away. I hope this would help those with limited WiFi issue. It seems to relate to the router brand. I never had this issue with Netgear.

Mark W

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I had the dreaded surface pro 3 wifi issue from day 1 when connected to home router- no amounts of firmware updates or OS re-installs resolved - limited wifi on 5ghz at random times (2.4ghz never a problem ). I also upgraded my Linksys E4200 router to an Asus RT-AC87U

My problem is now resolved! how?

Upgraded the Asus RT-AC87U firmware to asuswrt-Merlin!

No idea why this would have resolved my issue but its been a week now with no issues.

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Dan Klinger

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ok. I am at a point where I am ready to visit a Microsoft Store to install this firmware update. Why is it so remarkably a pain in the neck to get this SP3 t0 recognize networks after it awakens from sleep?


So for me I've noticed horrible WIFI stability on a number of networks (mainly a Cisco Meraki at home, and Apple AirPort at home), where I have trouble maintaining a constant ping to the routers IP address. All have latest firmware, as does my surface pro 3 (has all updates installed).

I tried to disable connected standby (enabling hyperV) and changing the various power settings, this didn't seem to do a lot for me.

One thing I did notice yesterday, my network became highly unstable when installing windows updates (I needed to re-install office 2013, so needed SP1 for it). Further investigation shows that the network issues "might" start after windows update runs. Perhaps this is something to do with the "Background Intelligent Transfer Service".

Other steps I've tried so far, that worked sadly only for a while was to via device manager, uninstall the WIFI adapter and force a rescan to reinstall the device.

Considering installing Windows 10 Technical Preview to get around this issue (possibly) and also see if this will resolve the screen scaling issues I'm having (as with most folks, I need to connect to an external 1920x1200 monitor).
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