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One the features I love and cannot believe i lived without


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I don't believe it does, no. I've tried with my girlfriend's iPad and found it annoying that it didn't work, because the Trackpad for Mac is a wonderful device and it works on there fine. However, this feature is coming in iOS 7... Microsoft ahead of Apple for once lol.
I wish MS could sue Apple for "copying" a feature in much the same way as Apple seems eager to hold proprietary rights over the shape and form of the iPad.


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I must admit I was a bit worried about it falling over, and into the bath at first lol... but there's no reason why it should.

It's on a totally flat and sturdy clothes basket at the end which isn't attached to the bath at all.

I'm only doing this because I just haven't got time to get everything done in the evening that I want to atm! Wonder if I can grab a wireless Xbox controller and game in the bath too
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