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Good time to buy a surface pro? Or wait for Surface Pro 2?


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I want to buy a surface pro but I feel a bit scared of buying the surface because a lot of articles are stating that the surface pro will be releasing as close as 6 weeks! So I'm temped to but at the same time I dont want to buy something that will be replaced by a newer version in such a short time.... Is this a good time to buy one, or should I wait?
Might be a good time to buy a used SP. Waiting on a rumored release of a new product is usually not a good thing. You're kind of in a no-mans-land.
Well, if you NEED one, then buy. If it's just a want, I'd wait. Then you can either get the new device or you can buy the current device used at a killer price. I know mine will be up for sale when then new one is announced.
Someone asked the same thing on Paul's site and he said, "Wait" and you know... he seems to have more inside information than most, so it might be coming sooner than expected.