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otterbox type bump case for Pro?

Miss Emily

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The Incipio Capture Case is an excellent choice for Surface Pro protection if you are a construction worker or on the road a lot with your job. It is made similar to an Otterbox phone case but is made for the Surface Pro. Screen protector must be purchased separately.


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If it is a Surface Pro 3, Incipio and Urban Armor (UAG) both appear to make decent cases for it. From Incipio, there's the Capture case (which looks a little more durable, but doesn't support the kick stand or keyboard) and the Feather case (will let you use the kick stand and Type keyboard). UAG's Scout case has its own kick stand and will work with the Type keyboard.


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I use the Urban Armor Gear case for my pro. Best case ever imp for it. The backing has the perfect grip on any surface. Check it out. I believe I got it from amazon for like 40 or so.