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Owning Both Covers?


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For anyone who intends to type in any public place where noise may be an issue: school, library, business meeting, etc. should consider the touch cover for one reason - silence. The type cover is exceptionally noisy and would be completely unacceptable in any environment where others might be annoyed by your clickety clack. Also I found with the type cover that I really had to pound the keys at times to get it to register a keystroke. The type cover I can barely touch the keys and they always work.


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Can't believe I hear day in day out about the noise from the Type Cover... mine's not noisy at all! I really don't understand it, perhaps I've always used noisy keyboards and am just used to it lol.


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Saw a post on another forum where a guy spilled a beer on his type cover and he was wondering what to use to get the "sticky" out of his keyboard...


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I'm curious if I'm the only one who's broken down and bought both covers? Initially back in June when I bought my SP, I bought the Type cover to go with it. For some reason the Touch called to me. I really like the fact that it doesn't have felt on the bottom and is pretty much spill proof. Anyone else make the same choice to buy both?

When I bought my RT I chose the TYPE cover and then the same with the Pro. I did get a review model at work and that came with a type keyboard. Touch = Bad and should not even be sold. Type = not too bad and kind of grows on you.


Hmm, interesting that you two make that point about everyday dirt and grime...

If I had something on my hands, or was working in a dirty environment, I would choose the Type Cover, not the Touch...the Touch, with it's felt/fabric material on the keyboard side, collects everyday dirt, dust, oils, etc. much more than the Type Cover (seems this way to me, at least). Why do you two say you would rather use the Touch? I find the Touch would be exponentially harder to clean and keep clean, as opposed to the slick, plastic construction of the Type Cover.

Actually, I made the point twice, once initially and once in response/agreement to another's comment. FWIW, I switched to the touch the day I got it and haven't used the type since. That is a couple of weeks now.


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I kept missing the space bar and I did turn off the sound, but tell me you dont hear it right now as I am typing about it. Anyway, I hate the touch keyboard and think that both models are MONUMENTALLY over-priced. Good god man $119 for that little cover? Really? Esp given the touch keyboards tendency to tear along its hinge axis.


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I got both, as I am fussy about what goes against my screen, but I like the touch a little more better as I like the feeling and thin-ness of the keyboard, then when I'm working on a big project on a excel spread I use the type cover to have that more real keyboard feeling lol