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Pac-Man Championship edition now on Surface


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Just noticed this was available in the Surface store for $9.99. MS really needs to get it together in terms of updating the new release sections in the store. I only found it by doing a search thru the charm bar.
When I was at the Microsoft store in Redmond, everybody was amused I bought Attack of the Arcade, that has Pacman, of all the games available. :) I'll check this out tomorrow, I may just pay for it.
I have it on my phone and it's a pretty good game. It was kind of pricey for Windows Phone too at $6.99 but I picked it up around X-Mass when the price dropped to $1.99 for a short while.

I also agree that the Store is doing an extremely poor job of announcing new Apps, you'd think that Live Games if anything would make the main page. My main page changes probably once every couple of weeks.
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Does just the try now version run slow?

You mean does the game run slow or does Pac Man move slow? I think Pac Man starts slow and speeds up as he goes, but the game seems to run fine on Surface. My only complaint is the controls are not that good, on my phone I just have to swipe the screen in the direction I want to go. On screen game pads don't work well because it's easy to miss the directional buttons, unless it's done like Judge Dread game where the pad always appears where you touch on the screen.