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PDF Jumble


I drew a very simple sketch using a cad program. It all worked very well on the SP. I exported the sketch to a PDF file. When I opened the PDF I noticed somethings I left off and wondered if I could fill it in with the stylus. I took the stylus and handwrote what I needed just as a reminder to make the correction and it worked fine. I saved the PDF. This morning when I opened it the handwriting with the stylus is a jumbled mess and unreadable. It was perfectly fine when I saved it. Very readable. The saved file handwriting is jumbled.

Can this be done and still be readable? Did I skip a step?
which pdf reader are you using - I seem to remember a discussion on this regarding the MS reader - did you try opening the pdf in another reader Adobe touch, etc. to see how it looks.
PDF Annotator is the best for me.
Excellent inking - as good as in one note.
Plus, the side toolbars and shortcuts make it really easy to quickly swap between pen, typing, highlighting and to move around the document.

The only thing I wish it had was the ability to only use touch for panning and zooming, and use the pen for cursor placement and inking. But keyboard shortcuts, it's not difficult to swap between tool modes (P=pen, T=typing, M=highlighter, N=pan and zoom)

It's more expensive than PDF touch, but I use PDFs every day to teach, so the ability to mark up efficiently in a flexible manner is worth the extra cost. Plus, the full screen mode slide out toolbars is great for teaching/presenting.