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Pen button functions

Phil Szela

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1. Is there a way to adjust the pen button functions?
Example; I would like to use the eraser click to pull up the sp3 on screen keyboard while in a remote desktop session.
Currently to retrieve the keyboard while in full screen I must click the session ID on the top of the screen and select the keyboard.

2. Is there a way to open the on screen keyboard in keyboard function, not scripting? Currently I have to select the keyboard I would like after it opens as a scripting tool (scripting tool doesn't work in windows 10/server 2012 r2 setup).

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For (1) you might also try Autohotkey.
See my post here re. binding the top button to control powerpoint.
AHK sees the button press (and double-press) OK -The Keystrokes which the pen delivers correspond to WindowsKey+F20 and WindowsKey+F19.

I've done a very quick test for you - this code in AHK:
#F20:: Run %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\TabTip.exe
....will launch the standard Surface OSK,
or this:
#F20:: Run osk.exe
...will launch the old school windows OSK

Edit: You can also nuke the keyboard with:
#F19:: Run Taskkill /IM tabtip.exe /F

The bad news is that if you're already in a remote session, the WindowsKey+F20 seems to get passed straight through to the remote session. It might be possible to install AHK on the remote machine and have it trigger an OSK in the remote session?

And sorry, but I'm not with you as far as 'not scripting' goes?

-FYI I tried eventghost and just couldn't make it happen - AHK has a much gentler learning curve and works well.
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