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Pen: Screenshot into OneNote2016?


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Im new and have been searching all over this forum and all over Google and have not found an answer of what i want to solve:

I am NOT able to use the double-click on the SP3-pen to take a screenshot and open it in a CURRENTnote in OneNote2016 desktop app.

I AM able to use the SINGLE-click and open onenote2016, (through the SP4-pens drivers)
But if I double-click, it just opens the old pre-installed onenote and opens a new ugly note.

There are ALOT of topics about this and questions but NOT a single answer so I beg of you moderators please do not close my topic.

// Markus


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You didn't specify your OS. Since you didn't post this in the SP3 Windows 10 section I'm moving this to the apps section.

BTW, it has been asked and answered on this forum. But I won't remove the thread, or close it, yet. ;)