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Performance Base can be used with any SB Clipboard (screen)


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Picture yourself in a couple of years - when few will be wanting the Surface Book without the Performance Base, and other products are available. I don't know which way you would feel then, but you would be a bit closer to the technology updates.
Yeah, there are a few things involved, hence the difficulty of the decision. :) Toss in the fact that we'll be seeing a Surface Book 2 at some point, and things get even more complicated.


One thing that I would want to wait for is an update that included a better flash drive. What drive is in the model that came with the performance base? I've checked 2 different demo/display units with the PB and got 2 different drive models...


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My Surface Book with Performance Base 1TB has:


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So, I've seen some additional hints that we'll be seeing a Surface Book 2 announced along with Creators Update's release in the March-April timeframe. I think I'll hold off on my notebook purchase to see what might be in store--one rumor I've come across is that there might even be a 15" SB2 with the same 3:2 ratio. That's something I could be very interested in, while granting that it would like be incredibly expensive.
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