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PIN login unresponsive on touchscreen when pressing "1"


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Hi all. I found a very weird and specific problem on my SP3. Using a PIN login, "1" on the keypad only works around 50% of the time. I thought I had a deadzone on my touchscreen so I rotated my SP3 around to realize that "1" is unresponsive on all four sides. There is no deadzone in the area where the "1" on the keypad is when I login. Does anyone else have this problem?


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Is it possible for you to re-size or re-position (move) that on-screen touchpad, then try? Let's try to isolate the problem as either screen mapping or keyboard (Windows interface) mapping.


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I had the same problem a while back with the Q key and a password not pin. Only way it would register was if you actually hit the q, not any of the blank space around the q on that key. Disappeared after some build updates etc.