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Playstation 4 wireless controller works excellent for surface pro


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Will xbox one control work?

I think we are in luck, hopefully sooner rather than later, but it has been confirmed by Microsoft that the new Xbox One wireless controller will wirelessly work with PC's in 2014 once they release the drivers. I've waited for years for a good wireless PC controller, and have used the 360 pad w/ dongle, but supposedly the new controller will be completely wireless (no dongle) and use WiFi for the connection. Also, being it's the new Microsoft controller following the gold standard they created with the 360 controller, all buttons should map without any issue or adjusting.


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Would be stupid if the PS4 controller worked but the XBO one doesn't... still, wouldn't put it past Microsoft


I'm glad to hear this! I am not planning on buying the XBONE, but definitely interested in getting the controller if it works natively like the 360 controller without that stupid dongle.


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Same here. If it works without the dongle then great since I plan on getting a XB1. If not then I'll have to get a DS4 to use with the SP.


One thing I thought about was the Steam Box controller. Wouldn't that be the perfect wireless controller for the SP?


Just decided to get the DS4 controller today at Best Buy. Connected perfectly out of the box with the Surface Pro 2 through BT. Solid connection as well with a solid white light on the controller the entire time. I downloaded that Xbox360 wrapper application and it tricks the DS4 to act like an Xbox360 wireless controller - except no USB dongle needed! I tried 3 steam games and they all ran perfectly (Mark of the Ninja, Tomb Raider and Dead Space 2). Also worked as a xbox360 controller with Emulators. The controller feels great and is the best and only controller that connects easily with the SP2.