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Pointer stuck in top left on SP4


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I've had my Surface Pro 4 for a few months, and it has mostly been going well.

Today, when I went to close a tab in Chrome, the mouse pointer stopped responding, and is now hovering in the top left corner apparently constantly "clicking" up there. Keyboard mousepad does not respond at all, touch screen erratic at best.

So far I have tried:
Shutting down entirely and turning back on
Changing "snap to" option for pointer
Removing keyboard
Unplugging computer

Does anyone know (a) how to fix this, (b) what causes it, and (c) what I can do to stop it happening again?

This happened once before, 2 or so months back, with the top right corner, so I'm definitely concerned with how to prevent it, rather than just fixing it for the day.

Thank you!!


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The good news is, I moved the computer and suddenly it was fine.

The bad news is, I'm still not sure why this happened in the first place. I would rather not have my pointer randomly freak out, so if anyone has any insight, that would be great.



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Just a thought but could it have been that there was some form of dirt or something on the corner of the screen confusing the screen into thinking there was a touch, and when you moved the machine, you inadvertently cleaned the screen (I've experienced this a lot on touch devices where suddenly it thinks I'm pinching to zoom etc). Although that doesn't really mesh with the idea that it happened when (because?) you closed a tab in chrome.