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Post Screenshots Here!


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While waiting for the Official release...Let's post some of your screenshot :LOL:

My Google Chrome Extension :cool2:




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Very cool Chrome extension, Astrix! I need to get on doing something like that.

Because I love your thread idea so much, I will post 2 screenshots:

1. My Start Screen after 1st Boot Up - I was totally floored by how beautiful and personalized my Start screen looked right from the get-go. In a few short minutes, it transformed from being just a regular Surface tablet into my Surface tablet. Kudos to the OS, as it definitely put the word personal back in Personal Computers (PCs).

Screenshot (3).jpg

2. Surface Multitasking - Productivity vs. Procrastination??? Here, I was chatting with a friend from Iran, while listening to music, while doing my Web Applications coding homework. Hoorah.

Screenshot (15).jpg


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Hold down the Window icon on the bottom bezel and the volume down. You will notice the screen dim for a second and then you will have a screenshot saved in your Screenshots folder.