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Thanks Kundas. I DLed the file you posted and changed the icon for my Surface shortcut. I access my Surface from my PC and vice versa through my home network. These icons make it look pretty snazzy. hehe

This is a screen shot of my PC but, hey, it's related to the Surface. Kinda difficult to tell but that icon in the top, left-hand corner, under the recycle bin, is the Surface icon. The picture on the right is a screen shot from my Surface so you can see the shortcut to my PC there.
xps screen shot.png


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kool! you should be able to change the shortcut icon for the Surface on your desktop computer also to the new icon... that is if you want, then that way you wont get confused which desktop icon is for which device :wink:


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Here's a shot from a couple weeks ago when I first got my Pro 2017. Still pretty much the same. Only new icon in the dock not in the shot is Photoshop CC 2018.

Screenshot (3).png
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OK. Time to update the screenshot and bring this thread back to life. I like my new background better than the other. I think Cortana is hot. And, I am loving my new SP2017. I also like the Win7 style start menu better than the Win10 one. It's called StartIsBack. I've been using this one since Win8 and like it best out of all the ones I have tried.

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png