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Solved URGENT! New SF4 waiting screen doesnt go away (Screenshot). Thanks.


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Today, when I started up my Surface, only a blue waiting screen constantly appears and never goes away. Despite multiple restarts.

Screenshot attached. I had to take this photo from my mobile.

Thanks for your help.

File Jun 25, 1 22 26 PM.jpeg
Power off the device by pressing the power button until the unit powers off completely. Wait 30 seconds and then press and hold the Volume Rocker Up and then press power holding the volume rocker up until the Surface Logo comes up - release the volume rocker and then exit from the UEFI and allow it to restart.

That should clear whatever is hung, if that doesn't work we can walk you through resetting the device.

Yes, your method worked !

The device has now booted up normally and problem has been resolved.

Many thanks for the prompt advice.

Hello again friends.

Similar problem as above has come up again, but this time a little different.

It's the same waiting blue screen with the dancing dots. However now there is also a message, saying, "installing updates. Don't shutdown computer".

This message has been on since all night; I left it like this in the hope it might get completed till morning. Obviously something is stuck.

This time, the computer is not shutting down by pressing the power button.

Please help and advise me.
Many thanks and Regards.
You have to hold the power button a full 30 seconds to force power off. If it didn't shutoff the power button may not be making contact, try wiggling it.
Thank you for your advice.
The problem was resolved as it completed whatever it was doing and restarted normally.