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Adaptive Brightness and Close Lid to Sleep


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Hi all,

I had pretty bad black levels on the sp3 at first but that was rectified by the Surface Tweak Tool by Goodbytes, however it appears that my adaptive brightness feature has stopped working altogether - it gets really irritating to have to manually adjust my screen brightness from the Charms menu. Is there any way I can enable it? (I have already ensured that the battery profile shows enable adaptive brightness but that still does not work)

On a separate note, my sp3 keyboard just came and I am loving it. I have a question though, (my battery profile is set to sleep when I close the lid and wake when i open it; I like it that way), but each time I open the lid, the screen does not come on immediately but the keyboard just lights up. The screen only turns on when i either press the capacitative windows button or the power button after opening up the lid, is that right? Moreover I am not even sure if the computer goes to sleep on the lid close action (since there is no power indicator outside the sp3 to see if it is really happening) - looking at battery drain is a crude way and I don't really want to go there, right now my computer is set to sleep after 5mins.

If the lid is closed and the power button is pressed, will it wake the computer and disable the screen? I am asking that because I would like my lid to be closed when I am having it plugged to an external monitor.

Thanks in advance!


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I do know when you close the lid (KB) that it does indeed close (sleep) the SP3, also if you're not sure then just crack it open a hair just enough to see the light... as for opening the KB to open the Sp3 you have to press the space bar on the KB, and then it will turn on... well that's how it works on mine and always has..