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Printing From A Tablet, Who Woulda Thought?


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I've only had my Surface for a few days. Today I discovered that it recognized my printer and I can print directly from my Surface either with a USB cable or through my wireless network. Chalk up another point for the Surface over my iPad and my Android tablets as none of them will do that.

I am finding myself liking the Surface more and more every day.


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Sadly, my old LaserJet 1320tn is not supported by HP for Windows RT. Sneakernet still works, though. :D


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True, the iPad will print to an Air Print ready printer, or any using third party software (as I understand it anyway). I never had any luck printing to my Canon AIO with either iPad or Android without using some third party cloud based service.


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iPads print
If you have a device that supports aiprint, at extra cost. MY surface needed only to be connected to my network and the printer was just there and available to print. I did nothing to set it up or configure it. Same with my USB HP barcode scanner, it just works. My $14 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard.. They just work. Plug and play... not to mention I have a FILE SYSTEM without hacking my device.


been trying that, when I click Windows Update to look for additional OKI printers, I get "Windows was unable to get a list of devices from Windows Update. Please try again later."

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