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Problem SP3 + Win10 + AWUS036NHA WIFI USB


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Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me.

I'm a little desperate regarding this issue, I cannot make my ALFA USB Wifi adapter AWUS036NHA work on Windows 10 in my Surface 3 Pro.

I have been searching for a solution for hours and I think I found the problem but not the solution. This is the story:

When I plugged my AWUS036NHA in my Surface 3 pro it seems that it installed it, I heard the typical sound when Windows 10 installs something.

To be sure I opened Device Manager and under Network Adapters I found my AWUS036NHA under the name of its chip (Atheros AR9271 Wireless Network Adapter).

To double check it, I right-clicked on it in order to check for an update and it said it was updated.

However, when I check WiFi networks available using the wifi icon in taskbar, I only see the internal Wifi, if I go to Settings -> Wifi I only see one WiFi switch (the internal one), I expected to see a WiFi 2 switch which is not the case.

Then I went to Control Panel -> Network -> Network connections to see all adapters and i Found the WiFi 2 adapter (Atheros AR9271) but with a red cross and no connection. If I right clic on it and select Connect, it opens the WiFi settings Window where I cannot find the WiFi 2 switch to enable it.

If I disable (internal) WiFi adapter, the WiFi settings option disappear.

At beginning I thought my AWUS036NHA was defective, however I connected it to another PC I have with the same Windows 10 version and... Voilà! once plugged in, Windows 10 installed it and it started to work :S I was able to switch between both as expected.

So.... Surface 3 pro is not willing to use a second WiFi USB adapter? The only reference I have that Surface is capricious is that I have to disable in BIOS secure boot in order to boot using a USB.

So.... any idea how I can get this adapter work on my Surface?