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Problems with MS Surface Pro 7 system updates

John Lenz

New Member
Surface Pro 7; 256GB drive, Windows 10 Pro build 2004, domain member

This is a follow up to my earlier post on camera fail after WSUS update.
What I instituted is a spreadsheet of each MS WSUS presented Surface7 update and the system status post update.
I do a regular system restore point before applying the "approved" updates AND I routinely do a system image backup in case of complete failure ( I have returned 5 surface Pro 7 since I am still in warranty to get an operational system)

I just applied a "camera" update and got Intel camera not working failure. Fortunately My pre-camera restore point worked and I am back to operating BUT now I have to go into WSUS and reverse approval for all the subsequent approved updates until I can isolate the failure one.

My real question is why are there so many MS updates just for the Surface 7 and why do they corrupt the Surface? don't they test these before release?

John Lenz

New Member
Just applied Intel Camera 60.19041.1.2806 and the camera failed, hard. system restored to prior and the camera is working. Why did this driver update break them camera and why was it not tested?