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Proper way to wear the MSFT Band (2)?

cereal killer

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I always see everyone wearing the Band with the face inside the wrist. I have the Band and my Band 2 is on the way, but I've always worn the Band with the face on the outside of the wrist (like a regular watch).

Question is, does it really matter which way you wear it and is it supposed to be worn with the face facing in?


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The only watch(s) I ever had a problem with wearing one way or the other were swimming watches, which didn't detect your swim stroke correctly if you wore it face in. They track your arm movement and detect freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke swimming from that it measures stroke rate, stroke length, speed, efficiency, total distance, laps, splits. If the Band did swimming Id consider getting one but I realize it's a niche use case and don't expect it will happen. Barring a sensor in the Band that doesn't perform as expected when oriented one way vs the other which I have not heard about it should not matter which way you wear it.
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Then you will not worry about sunscreen since you are already covered up. Try wearing long sleeves full time in Florida, says the guy in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops......


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I always intended to wear mine on the outside, but after around 30 minutes I gave up. It was horrible having to pinch my elbow in and wrist out to see the screen properly. I turned it inside and found it so much more comfortable.

The only problem I get now is when I put my regular watch back on I keep looking at the wrong side of it!


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I had my band 2 for a year no trouble battery life 48 hours, when not in use power it off.
I ware it left side facing down, rotate on my windows phone is and old 640xl works well with
band 2. will not give it up band 2 is great!!!


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I'm on my second Band now, the first one stopped charging (I think some water got into the batteries)

Don't know what I'm going to do when it comes to replacement time though! Which'll be 2019... at this rate I'll be going for a Withings!