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Question about Outlook RT and Mail, Calendar, People App


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I have been reading about how MS is going to release Outlook RT. While this is very good news (for some), I wonder about a couple of things:

First, as far as I can remember Outlook saves a PST file locally, which can become very bloated over time. Given the low storage volumes of the Surface devices, how would this work? Or, has MS changed how Outlook works and has scrapped the PST deal and has some other alternative.

Secondly, now with Outlook RT, the Mail app (Modern UI) becomes somewhat redundant right? Like the situation with OneNote? Thinking about it, it seems to me that unless one really needs the functionality of Outlook RT, it would probably be better left alone for using it would involve continually switching between the Modern UI and the desktop interfaces. Or, am I getting this wrong?

What would have made sense - at least according to me - is if MS would release a Modern UI version of Outlook for the RT and the Pro and progressively followed it up with Modern UI versions of the other parts of Office. But from what I have been reading that seems to be a monumental task in programming terms.

Regardless, then what would you folks be doing? Would you be using Outlook RT (specifically for the RT owners - because the Pro owners have a big advantage in having the option of Office 365)?


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I believe they are working on the modern version of all.

That would be cool. I hope they are able to push it out ASAP with an option that once it is available, then we could uninstall Office 2013RT totally from the device.

But how would Outlook RT in the interim work?

Edit: @tonyz3: You mean this - the MOX version of Office scheduled either for later this year or early next year: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/Office-2013-Modern-UI-Gemini-Office-365-Windows-8,news-43263.html
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The additional Modern UI versions of Office are part of Office Gemini which is slated for the November to January time frame and most likely will be a couple of the programs (rumor is Outlook and Word and/or PowerPoint). Outlook RT included with Blue looks and acts just like the x86 version from the leaked builds.


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Of course I would switch to Outlook RT. PST is not an issue, you can tell where it will be stored, such as the SD card. PST is only required when using POP3. IMAP does not require one.