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Question about TouchDown Mail App


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I was recently told to check out the TouchDown mail app in the store. I originally read about it - at that time apparently it was still in beta - in some tech site. Do any of you use it - either paid version or the trial version? Any personal reviews that you can share? It is quite an expensive app at £14.99, I think, for the app, but considering that the RT mail app leaves a lot to be desired for, I wonder...Thanks in advance.


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Thanks. Yeah...I read through that app...interesting, but a bit short on detail though and I was looking for personal experiences post the app appearing on the Store for sale,


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I used TD on Android for my exchange account and loved everything about it accept its $19.99 price tag. Worked for me great on Android, but I have not looked at it or know if it has the same options on Win.

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