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Random lock ups for 30 seconds or less


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Lately my Surface Pro 6, i5, 8gb ram, 256GB storage, has been locking up at random times for me. I go through about 30 seconds of no response from keyboard, mouse, touchscreen and then it all comes back and starts responding again. I usually only have Edge open with 5+ tabs open and the Facebook Windows 10 app running in the background. It only happens when I am using the Surface Pro 6 as a computer with the keyboard attached. I have yet to experience the issue in Tablet mode. It will never stop responding to touch in tablet mode.

I have not been able to pick up on a pattern. It is completely random. The issue could happen in 1 hour, or 15 mins, or 4 hours, but the issue occurs during continuous use. Even when plugged in to power. Anyone else experiencing this issue? It goes away after 30 seconds, but I still don't want to have to worry about that whenever I want to use my Surface Pro 6 for 4+ hours at a time. I currently have the latest 1903 installed btw.


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I had this effect on my Surface Book (with Clipboard attached only) in a Windows Insider Preview Build for a week. I do not remember the Build number, but I think it was in early May. The subsequent Build notes included addressing “intermittent lockups” as I recall. I thought only my computer had the problem, until the next Fast Ring Build fixed it.


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Well, haven't had a lockup since 1903 was installed. I'll keep looking out for the issue though. It hasn't returned so far. I can say that much.