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Surface Pro 6, heads up on slow down issue


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tl;dr If your SP6 randomly slows down a lot and/or your keyboard stops working, the forced restart method where you press the power button for 30 seconds then press power and up volume for 15 seconds fixes it.

Hi Microsoft Surface Forums community!

I just got a Surface Pro 6 on Black Friday. This is my first Surface device. It has been a delight to use, up until today.

I took a final exam on it yesterday (using the dreaded Examsoft program) and after that, I noticed my SP6 slowing down significantly. I poked around and found that for some reason, the CPU speed was stuck at 0.4 GHz according to Task Manager. I couldn't find any info online about my CPU being stuck at such a low speed. I tried restarting, and nothing changed. I messed around with power settings; still nothing.

I then tried restarting into UEFI to see if there was anything going on there. I did not change any settings in UEFI, but once I restarted back into Windows, my type cover keyboard stopped working altogether. I found an online article mentioning a restart method that may help with the keyboard issue. It had me do the forced restart method where you hold the power button for 30 second, let go, then hold the power and volume up buttons for 15 seconds. I power it up, and then my keyboard started working again and my CPU was no longer stuck at 0.4 GHz.

I wanted to share that with you guys so that if it happens, you know what to do. Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place, but I do not see an area for the SP6 on this website. If you have any recommendations on moving this post somewhere else, please let me know.