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Random lockups & Wifi "limited" connection problems

Replying to my own message. I uninstalled the device and the software, but my SP3 then automatically installed the updated driver...and everything has continued to function PROPERLY. Very interesting. The machine has really been exceeding my expectations now. This is really an amazing device.
I had random limited connection issues with the WiFi. I uninstalled the wireless card drivers from device manager (I also selected delete the driver software for the device) then scanned for new hardware to load the original drivers. No WiFi issues since. After installing the old drivers I received an update for Windows. Running the update loaded the new drivers again so watch for that. The update is called System Firmware Update - ‎6/‎19/‎2014
I followed your workaround to a tee and my "limited" wifi was fixed also. For the first time, my SP3 finally got the Internet speed close to what my other non-Microsoft smartphones and tablets have got. Previously, my SP3 had been only half their speed.

My SP3 has frozen once as well. Hopefully this was a fix for that too.
Well, my SP3 froze again. Once before I rolled back to the older network driver, and once after. Both times, it froze at the moment I was fiddling with the wi-fi settings. So it seems the freeze-up had something to do with the network driver.

I have had a number of issues with SP3 after barely a day of using it. The Lemon-meter is rising steadily.
. In addition to uninstalling the WiFi Device and Driver Software (as described here), I disabled Hyper-V (which was installed/enabled because of Visual Studio 2013). .

The interesting thing is that support told the fix for that is enable Hyper-V because when it comes out of sleep all of the devices aren't set to to automatically turn on. With Hyper-V on it makes sure everything is on coming out of sleep.

On a side note I had an issue that after I logged into the device I just seen a black screen with only the mouse icon still available which happened 4 times. They had me refresh it and redo the updates without installing any programs. I think bluestack android vm was causing issues but thats my guess. Haven't had any issues yet after the refresh.
I've never had a lock up. Wi-Fi limited connectivity using wireless AC? sure - airplane mode on/off reconnects it but lockups? None yet (fingers crossed)
I had terrible WiFi for about a month, limited connection, slow speed. So unusable that I was about to return it. I uninstalled Hyper-V yesterday and it is working great now. Plus the instant on / connected standby feature is working again. Its like a different computer.
Its called refresh prob the same thing as restore. All it does is realign the drivers to the original settings and uninstalls all desktop programs. Having you to redo all of the updates and resinstall your programs.