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Randomly Pressing Task View Button


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Hey everyone,
I have been having this problem where my mouse moves itself to the task view button and starts pressing it multiple times a second. I have no idea why it is doing this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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I have this problem on the Surface Pro 4. What I have discovered is that the problem happens when the processor gets warm (for me that is when I have been playing games on Facebook for a while). I can observe the round "touch" artifact along the right edge of the display. Often I have to drag the mouse back to what I was doing. Most aggravating is when this happens on the bottom right, and it opens the Notifications pop-up or the calendar. To make this stop, I have disabled the two HID drivers for the touch screen. see the attached screenshot below. This disables the touch screen which allows the mouse to behave normally. But, now I can't use the pen for painting or note taking, which is exactly why I purchased this machine. :( Screenshot_575.jpg


I have the same problem, but only when using chrome. I see the touch cursor in the area where you open a second tab in the upper left. I see it most often when there is an update waiting for me to restart. If I touch that spot and drag it up, it stops long enough for me to reboot.