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Real story from Nitin Patel

I work in healthcare IT and can definitely see the appeal. We've been looking for a Windows 8 tablet, but haven't evaluated the Surface Pro yet. We've been going through the normal vendors first like Dell and HP. So far, they weren't impressed with the Dell we brought in. Our goal is to give them one device - a tablet they can carry around and that can be docked and serve as their main PC/Laptop as well.
Cool story. I wonder how they deal with the relatively short battery life though.

There is no difference in usable battery - iPad wins for standby, but if the device is on/used all day, either will need to be recharged every night. An RT tablet could easily be used for a workday on a single charge.
It is a very interesting story especially with respect to the horse power of the Surface over the iPad which is pretty much a no brainer. I'm pretty confident this echoes why most have purchased the Pro over the iPads. I mean seriously, the iPad is a glorified phone. I could never see one replacing a real computer.
Very cool little video that... makes a lot of sense tbh.

Kinda wish more people would get the chance to see it! As for the battery life, I'm sure it's getting charged inbetween uses.