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Really annoying Google Search behavior with Internet Explorer


I don't get the tension here, I use my surface with IE or Firefox for serious stuff, my Android tablet with Firefox just to kill time. I use Bing on both, gave up on Google search back with XP. I've got a 9" Android tablet I paid $51 for NEW! Why would I use a $600 Surface Pro to watch YouTube vids?


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What google is doing is just dirty! I have being using Bing since I bought my first Surface and do not miss google. Chrome? Just open task manager and look how much memory and processes that fronses uses. Do you want to see the SP3 running hot? Use Hangouts in Chrome.


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This I completely agree with. Whoever came up with "don't be evil" for their company, that's the biggest smokescreen of all. BUT I need a search engine to do my work. I never gave Bing much of a thought, because it wasn't very good when it first came out. Maybe I should revisit it. I would however be plugging in the exact same info, whether it be Bing or Google.

Google is a data mining and advertising company. I use Google search sometimes but any other Google services I avoid. I think they threw out the don't be evil policy years ago. I wouldn't touch an Android device with a ten foot pole. The lack of security is appalling.


While I agree on many points about the evil of Google, I still dont trust MS. What they say and what might be really going on is almost impossible for us mere mortals to ever know.

So I choose not to worry about it. If my broswing history is monitored, so what I have nothing to hide. And if I did I'd use TOR.

I think the Surface and the Windows OS in general are fantastic products. However Google is simply a better search engine. I work in an office where we build new PC images on daily basis. Clean installs always default to the Bing search engine. The cry of "F*$!ing BING!" can be heard regularly.

Every so often I give it a try to see if its improved. However I ALWAYS find the results on Google are what I actually want. Bing is improving but it is definitely inferior. At least when searching for technical fixes, reg tweaks or drivers.

As for Chrome vs IE. Chrome WORKS. IE fails and regularly. Program crashes and page reloads are frequent. Only this week a client had had their PC upgraded from XP to Win7 Pro. All updates installed with latest drivers. IE 11 crashed as soon as you signed in to outlook.com. Same machine with Chrome for business installed. Outlook.com worked perfectly. An hour of tweaking, removing reinstalling and following technet solutions and we eventually got it working. This is not a rare case.

Dont get me started on compatibility.......

This is based on Chrome as a Browser not an OS. I dont use any Chrome Apps (apart from gmail and thats only because I signed up my personal domain as a google business account when you got 10 email addresses and your own domain for free, would have preferred Office365 like I have at work but wont pay a monthly charge). You'll never see me buy a Chrome book.

Android on a phone though.... Love my Galaxy Note 3. Tried Windows phone 7 and I wasnt impressed. Windows Phone 8.1 looks like its getting better but as far as I know there is nothing like the Note 3 available on that platform (digitiser pen, expandable storage and a large but not massive form factor). Maybe Windows phone 9 will sway me....

Sorry for the rant.