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Solved Rear Camera Light always on

Hello all,

I have a problem (which occurred before one of the last cumulative updates) where the rear camera light stays on, even after a reboot. I don't see anything in the Task Manager indicating that the light should be on. The camera app also no longer works, and gives an error when you try to open it, saying the following:


The last time this happened it went away immediately after the cumulative update installed (which happened to be the very day I discovered the problem initially). Now however no update is available, at least at this time. Is there anyone out there with any ideas as to how this can be fixed, and avoided in the future?

I have a Surface 3 (non-Pro) using Windows 10.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Have not had this occur with my S3...no helpful ideas I'm afraid. If it was mine, and I'd tried various things with no luck, I think I would go to MS support (chat maybe & let them remote in to the S3 to see if they could find something causing it). From that you would know more than you do now, even if they recommend replacing the S3.
Thanks for the Reply Telstar1948. Thankfully the light turned itself off. I don't know why. But I guess it doesn't matter at this point. I wonder if the camera was on in another profile, and I just didn't realize it was open and that I had to go to that profile and close it.

The only thing that stops me from thinking that that was the cause is the fact that I did a full shutdown of the device, after which the light came back on. Shutting down the device should close all running apps shouldn't it?

Nevertheless, if this happens again, I will be looking on the other profile more closely.