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Recent Update Kills Wired Ethernet on Surface (RT) 2?


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I got to work this morning and my Ethernet doesn't work anymore?!? I attempted to reinstall the driver (AX88772B_772A_772_WinRT_Driver_v3.16.0.1807) and now I get an error message that it is not compatible with RT??? If anyone has a fix please let me know.
never heard of this happening on an RT, what you can do is probably roll back to the day before the update, also where did you get this "driver" as they are not downloadable so maybe what you got was the PRO version drivers which of course is not going to work...
Ive not been able to use my Ethernet adapter since 8.1 because of this issue. Would be useful to get working again if someone does have a fix.
Yesterday must have been a fluke. After a few restarts it's working again today on Surface 2 / Windows 8.1 even with all of the latest updates. If you google the driver (AX88772B_772A_772_WinRT_Driver_v3.16.0.1807) you should be able to locate the instructions for how to install it. If you can't, let me know and I'll try and find the link I used. Thanks for your help.
Ive had a look for the instructions but everything I find says they wont work with 8.1 :(.

There unsigned drivers so windows wont start them.