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Recommendations for Surface Pro that I can write on and use screen recording software


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Perhaps I could have spent more time on Google. Perhaps my searching did not return all of the answers I was looking for. Perhaps the assumption that "This means she considers her time more valuable than ours. That sense of entitlement is insulting." is completely incorrect. Perhaps I was looking for some immediate verification of some of what I read online by real people on a SP forum. Perhaps you could have just ignored responding to my post if you felt the way you did. Perhaps I was excited about the idea of using real USB functionality with a tablet. Does the iPad have USB? Android? Have you ever seen USB on devices that are limited in functionality, and only designed to work with certain peripherals?

Let us see if we can get this thread back on track..

Kat - USB is very helpful, even on my RT (which only runs 2.0); and although I have encountered several printers and devices that are not compatible with my RT, it's still a great feature to have. That being said, this is something to consider when investing in a tablet. The Surface Pro has no virtually no limitations on speed or devices.

I won't give an opinion on other Windows tablets in the market, as I do not know much about them. I would suggest the Surface Pro for what you are looking for, and am considering upgrading myself. It is an investment, but it is an investment that will net you good returns for a long time. In my opinion: iPad is for play, Android is for play and computer development work, and the Surface is for a solid combination of a general real-world work and play atmosphere.
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And, that is exactly the type of info I was looking for, and expecting to get from a forum. Even though info out there indicates USB devices will work with a SP, firsthand experience can be much more valuable and is...

Thank you.
Just to make sure I understand:

1. Is there only one manufacturer that makes a surface pro? In other words, there are many companies that make tablet pcs. If I go to a store looking for a surface pro is there only one model I will be looking at?

2. Are there any limitations to what you can install on the os? I need to install java and other plugins. Any reasons that this could be a problem?

3. Since it has USB. Does this mean it will recognize any USB device, such as headsets, printers, external webcams, etc


These look pretty nice...

Latitude 10 Windows 8 Tablet Details ? Touch Screen | Dell

I do prefer the four gig RAM and resolution of the SP however. The replaceable battery on the Dell units is a nice feature although not needed for my applications.
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