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can someone PLEASE help me find a touch cover 2 in Canada


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This is getting ridiculous.

1. Microsoft online store is sold out
2. There is no Microsoft store where I live
3. Best buy never had any to begin with
4. Futureshop never had any to begin with
5. Staples never even had the SP2 and knew nothing about it

I can find loads of touch cover 1s, but these are crap. I returned mine because it did a poor job detecting key presses.

at this point I would even take a type cover 2, but nobody has that either. This is crazy, why is this device and its accessories so hard to buy in Canada!


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Your original Type 1 sounded defective, in your other thread. If you're not willing to try to find another Type 1 (there are still plenty of those floating around), I hate to suggest this, but a 3rd party that ships internationally might be the only way right now. If on eBay, you could try to negotiate international shipping with a seller. I have no idea what MS is doing about the low stock--though I expected preorders to sell out, having everything else delayed makes no sense to me. Only the cyan/magenta Type 2 are left on the U.S. website.