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Required Sign in Time

So I currently have my surface pro 3 setup to ask me for my password if I have been away for 15 minutes. However, I noticed that even if I am away for a shorter time than that, I still need to go through my login screen.
I decided to test it and sure enough, exactly 10 minutes after I closed the keyboard (and thus putting my SP3 to sleep), I turned my SP3 back on and it asks for my password.

Does this happen to anyone else as well? I suggest you see for yourself. Set it to 15 minutes (Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in Options), wait 10 minutes and let me know if it asks for your password.


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Yep having the same problem, in power options and sign in options I set it to never ask me my password and yet it always does, VERY annoying.


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Just go here to "fix" that:


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Just go here to "fix" that:
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The issue is that it requires a password on "wake up" even if you go further into the advanced options and turn the "require a password on wake up" option off. This has nothing to do with turning off the sleep option. But thank you and welcome to the forums.