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Password required after sleep


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I've just update my SP3 to windows 10

Even if i checked no password required to exit sleep, windows always ask me a password. It happens with local account and microsoft account, but only if i use the lock button or close the screen, or use the start menu.

It doesn't happen when i let the SP3 going to sleep himself.

Do you have any idea ?
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You have to go into the registry and turn off the lock screen... I will see if I can find the instructions I used.


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Yes, me too! I had this problem where I'd get the password screen coming out of sleep, even though I had "Don't require password when the computer wakes from sleep" checked in Power Options.
Now I don't get the lock screen (before password screen) when I boot up (but do get the password screen), and neither when it comes out of sleep or hibernate.