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Return for Pro...How Many?


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We purchased one Rt and one Samsung ativ 500. Love the form factor and build quality of the RT, not so much for the Samsung. Samsung's screen is nice and the digitizer has been key to our use case but the keyboard dock not working consistently is the big killer. I like the larger screen of the Samsung but overall for day to day use it's a bit large when using in tablet mode. I'm now planning to return both and get two Pro's when they are released. I'm fairly confident the PRO will be it, with increased resolution, digitizer and i5, but battery life will a deciding factor. I'm hopeful I will get 5 + hours with my use case.'''' I fly coast to coast monthly and like the battery life of tablets, but would take 5 hours of productivity over 9 hours of Angry Birds. I usually use my MB until the battery dies... 3 hours... then switch to a tablet.
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Well, going by your subject alone, I guess you're wanting to gather opinion on whether people have been returning their Surface RTs and plan to wait for the Pro version. I know some have, but personally I stuck with my RT.

It all depends on your use case. If you're a business user, and have certain key apps that you need to run that will only work on the desktop, or you need the active digitizer as you mention, then the Pro is going to be the tablet for you.

I've always thought that Surface Pro is great for Business, and RT is great for consumer.
The determining factor for me switching from the RT to the Pro might be be size & weight. I'm so very happy with the form factor of the RT that switching to a larger heavier Pro might be difficult. But, having said that, I think I want full Windows 8 and the full program compatibilty of the Pro. I'm kind of torn...
Not me, I'm sticking with my Surface RT until the Surface v3 releases. That's right, I said Surface v3. I'll skip the v2. That's what I did with the iPad. For me, no sense in buying a tablet every year.
I like the battery life of the RT, I'm sticking with the RT and I'll remote into other machines for heavier lifting.
Battery life, lower weight, passive (quiet) cooling, included Office 2013, lower cost --- these are the primary reasons I went with RT on the Surface and will be sticking with it. Love this thing.
I don't think too many RT users will be switching/returning their RT for a Pro. I really need the advantages of the Pro, so the Surface RT never was in my list of products I'd buy. I do have to say, though, I don't own a tablet and I'm not exactly looking for a tablet like the iPad, a Nexus and other possible tablets.
Like others who have posted above, I'm sticking with the Surface RT because of the all day battery life and its ability to remote into my Windows 8 desktop to overcome any limitations of the OS. I am a tablet user, I've used Windows Tablets exclusively since 2001, using convertibles, UMPCs, Slates; all x86 based and all had too many trade offs. The Surface RT and RDP are a perfect solution for me. And the fact the Surface RT has Office means in those rare occasions I can't RDP into my work machine I can still work.
I'm happy enough with RT. Pro doesnt offer me enough extra to warrant half the battery life, more weight and higher cost. I do wish I could have the digitizer pen.
Much like the answers Im seeing here, I am perfectly satisfied with my RT. The battery life and slimmer and lighter profile is definitely my device to go, and when I need to do heavy work, simply remote into my desktop. The fact I am not susceptible to viruses using my RT is also a huge plus.
I'm definitely sticking with my RT.. Love it more and more everyday.. The Pro has no advantages to me.. I have access to my laptop, hard drives and stuff.. Never will run legacy apps.. The screen seems good to me (had the iPad 3)..

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