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Right-Click in Word 2013 RT


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I am assuming that Word RT is an app...thus the question here...:LOL:

The scenario:

I have a Word document open on my Surface RT.

I want to copy a phrase and paste into IE to look up a meaning or whatever.

The Problem:

When I right-click (either using the TouchPad or the Surface Wedge), the selected phrase or word, nothing happens. I don't get options for 'copy', 'paste', or the other stuff that I am used to in the non-RT version of Word.

Is this a limitation of Word RT?


EDIT: Ok. I found the solution. In Word 2013 RT (it will probably apply to other parts of the Office suite), drop down the Ribbon. Right on top, to the left, you will see an option for Touch or Mouse. On my Surface, the Touch option was enabled. When I enabled the Mouse version, I got back exactly the same functionality that I have on my desktop. Sorry for the panic attack!
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What do you mean by "drop down the ribbon"?

It gives you three options for the Menu 1) Auto-hide Ribbon, 2) Show tabs, & 3) Show tabs and Commands

Screenshot (33).png


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I meant you will have to display the ribbon - like in the image posted. Then look to the top left edge. It's the fifth option in your image...where I enabled Mouse mode. It brought that right-click menu back.
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