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[Rumor] Microsoft Considering Free Windows 9 Upgrade for XP, Vista and Windows 7 Users


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Here's a rumor that would be shocking yet amazing if true. Supposedly, Microsoft is considering offering Windows 9 as a FREE upgrade to get users off of XP, Vista and/or Windows 7. Previous rumors suggested that Windows Threshold, which is Windows 9’s internal codename, could might launch as a free download to Windows 8.1 Update, and Windows 7 Service Pack 1 owners, but this new rumor would take that idea even further.

If Microsoft does go through with this idea, it would be a huge departure from their previous MO. Of course, their new CEO has been shaking things up with some big changes in the company, so it isn't outside the realm of possibility. Sound off with your opinion.

Source: BGR


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Based on what others have done I would speculate the Free version gives you Free Ads and there will be an option to pay to turn them off.


Wonder if it would perhaps be something like the starter version of Windows 7, have to pay to upgrade the features and support. Would be an interesting concept.


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Sounds like the change Apple made with their OS X, offering Mavericks (10.9) free to anybody running Snow Leopard (10.6) or later.


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I agree. I think you would need to provide a serial number but it would likely be the full version. Pretty sure it would ONLY be an upgrade so you may not even need to provide the SN.