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SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD performance


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I got one running at my SP4. It has 200gb and I use for OneDrive files and other files.
It saves a lot of precious SSD space and just for read is fast enough.

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On a related note, has anyone figured out the best way to use an SD card as extra storage? Such as, can you set it as your OneDrive folder location reliably? I tried copying apps to one once on my SP4 awhile back, and that experiment went poorly because the system was constantly complaining that apps weren't available.


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Any one have the SD card? want to know how it performs. It is only around $64 now.
There also the new Samsung 256 evo select but those go for 199.
Really looking for this to just be extra storage for photos and videos. do not want to have to drag around an external drive.
I have the 256 Surface pro i7

I have that exact model and I am here to tell you its an awesome card. Upon inserting the card I immediately transferred about 40 GB's and it only took about 8 minutes. I was shocked. I also have one in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and I have set my phone up to tie both the phone memory and the SD Card as one device - my transfers and pictures are fast as lightning. Additionally, I don't have to worry about reducing my picture quality to save space. I remember when having a 5 GB hard Drive was almost futile, "Who would EVER use that much space??!!" Just the other day I took a video with my S7 that was over 8 Gbs. But to answer you, just take a look at the cards transfer speeds, and it will do every bit of what it says it will do (90 MB/s). Keep in mind also that many other things can and will affect transfer speeds such as processor load, etc. ....BUT - I have never had a pause or hesitation when taking ultra high def pictures etc. Great Card - They still want $199 for the 256GB (they are crazy) - Hope this helps. Merry Christmas