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Screen Resolution and fuzzy letters


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Hi @ all,

just have a new Surface Pro 4, and I am wondering about the creen resolution.
I can not use, for example, Remote Desktop as the Resolution is so high, I can not read anything.
Also many Programs are too small to read them.

I reduced screen resolution but this does not helped me as the letters are fuzzy.

The Clear Text Type Assistant havbe I tried, no success.

Anyone an idea?


Try downloading the latest intel driver from the website and use the unzip file. Once installed you will get a intel settings menu in the bottom right of your system tray. You need to search the power tab on battery and you need to disable the last option. restart and let us know.


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You should adjust the DPI (Right click desktop, Display Settings) and change the slider to a higher percentage. Default I think is 200% on the SP4 but you might prefer it higher.

Remote desktop will change the DPI but only on Windows 8/8.1 and 10 I believe.


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Downloading the Driver is not possible... it will not install it.

Changing the DPI setting is also not a solution as the normal text on the display becomes too large...

It is a desaster...


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Welcome, @drgoebel

I understand your problem about resolution and scaling.
I connect remotely from my Surface Book to a desktop with three monitors. The resolution is too small to use.

So I use the new Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview, under testing.
You can get it free. It allows you to zoom in, using your local pixel size as the basis. The zoom function then shows a subset of the remote screen.

Also, it allows you to use touch screen functionality on your remote screen.

Get it here:
Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store