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Screen saver makes my fans go mad! Anyone else?


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So I've only managed to get the fans going a couple of times... but after leaving my Surface alone long enough to reach the screen saver a few times I entered my room to the sound of a jet taking off. Oh, no, it was my Surface fans.

Anyone else getting this!? I really don't see a screen saver being that power hungry to make this happen. It's just one of the standard ones that comes built in btw.
I haven't seen it with the screen saver but the Xbox music now playing screen where it shows the pictures and the graphics etc. causes my fans to kick on.
"Next came the power supply. Digital geeks
like Wozniak paid little attention to
something so analog and mundane, but Jobs
decided it was a key component. In particular
he wanted—as he would his entire career—
to provide power in a way that avoided
the need for a fan. Fans inside computers
were not Zen-like; they distracted."

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson